General Fruit sarl

We are a leader in the agricultural sector, based in Agadir (Morocco).
We operate in the area for several years with the goal of producing and exporting worldwide vegetables locally grown and imported into Morocco excellence of the food made in Italy (Ex. Pasta, oil, wine, etc.).

Experts in Quality

GENERAL FRUIT sarl, boasts a pool of experts of the high-level agri-food sector, on the Moroccan territory until the year 2005 – Highly experienced operators of the agricultural sector, following the various stages; from cultivation, harvesting, packaging of goods, that they might come to our customers, and to the ultimate consumer of the products of excellence, ensuring quality, freshness, genuineness. respecting the highest quality standards.


Strategic distribution of the famous argan oil. A particularly popular oil for its nutritional, cosmetic and medicinal. Proceeds extracted from the seeds of the argan tree.


Leaders of the agricultural sector, based in Agadir, aims to
produce and export worldwide fruit and vegetables grown on site.

Company Profile

With a long and specific experience in the Italian market, we promote locally excellence of products made in Italy that distinguishes us.

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Located in the nerve center of international trade, from Agadir passing direct sea links with major world ports.

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