General Fruit Sarl

General Fruit Sarl is a leading agricultural sector, based in Agadir (Morocco). It operates on the territory of several years with the goal of producing and exporting worldwide vegetables locally grown and imported into Morocco excellence of the food made in Italy (Ex. Pasta, oil, wine, etc.).




pool of experts in the field

General Fruit Sarl boasts a pool of experts with years of experience that monitor all the various stages of the production process of goods reaches the final consumer.

Quality guaranteed

we monitor all stages of the process, the type of cultivation, harvest, until the finish of the goods that arrive to final consumers, ensuring freshness and authenticity, in compliance with the highest quality standards.

Why trust us

Location in Morocco at the nerve center of international trade, a capacity of about 300 hectares of crops, make General Fruit Sarl a solid partner for the supply of fruit and vegetables.